I was born and raised in Bellmore, NY, and currently live in Pennsylvania with my wife and three children. 

My passion is to help all people discover and deploy their God-given talents, and especially those from underserved and historically marginalized groups.


My research draws from my previous experiences as a high school counselor and focuses on three areas: 1) Investigating the college and career readiness needs and promise of underserved students; 2) Analyzing the identity development process of Black male student-athletes, and specifically the role of school counselors in facilitating their multidimensional sense of self through group counseling, mobile learning, partnerships with other education stakeholders, and other mechanisms; and 3) Examining the pre-and in-service school counselor training to ensure the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs in K-12 schools that promote equity, access, and justice.

To date, I have authored and co-authored 27 total scholarly publications (21 peer reviewed articles and 6 book chapters) in a wide range of outlets including, but not limited to, Professional School Counseling, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, Journal for Specialists in Group Work, Urban Education, and Journal for African American Males in Education.

In addition to teaching traditional courses in school counseling, I designed courses that focus on counseling all student athletes from a strengths-based perspective, with one of those courses centering on the Black student athlete experience, specifically.

I currently serve on the editorial review board for the Professional School Counseling Journal and on the Senior Advisory Board for The Professional Counselor journal.

I am also a former president of the Virginia School Counselor Association and former member of the board of directors for the American School Counselor Association. 

Curriculum Vita


Men Passionately Pursuing Purpose (MP3) exists to see Black male athletes thrive in and out of sport.

MP3 research and practice focuses on the college and career readiness of Black male athletes by facilitating empowerment through critical consciousness, identity development, and social action.


Select talks and trainings

Pursuing Purpose through Cultural Competence

Communicating for Change: Critical Consciousness Matters

Engaging Parents of Underserved Students

When a Moral Imperative is Not Enough

Who Am I Without The Ball

Teammates Matter

Minimizing the Race Gap in College Completion

Teaching to Save Black Lives

Select Partners & clients

Charlottesville City Schools

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Albemarle County Public Schools

West Virginia University Athletics

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

American School Counselor Association

NYC Men Teach – The City University of New York

Virginia College Advising Corps

Select Scholarly Works

*Authors are doctoral students
**Authors are master’s students

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