I have the privilege of speaking with diverse audiences – high school students, college students, educators, churches, businesses, and more – on a variety of topics, some of which include:

Teammates Matter

This seminar cultivates more effective working relationships among teams, whether in sports, business, church or another institution. It addresses 4 dimensions of cultural competence. Participants will engage in self-reflection activities that will transform the way they view themselves and engage others in their sphere of influence.

 Who Am I Without The Ball?

 This seminar promotes the healthy identity development of high school, college, or professional athletes and facilitates the empowerment of those who work with them. A strengths-based analysis of transition is discussed, and participants leave the workshop with concrete steps to personalize and apply in their individual lives and the lives of those with whom they work.

 Integrity Matters

This seminar dissects the meaning of integrity, and applies it as appropriate to the audience served. Appropriate for K-16 students, educators, business leaders, church leaders, and more.